Positioning Yourself for the Marketplace

Positioning Statement

The importance of your positioning statement and your personal marketing statement (Both of which must typically be the first things communicated in résumés when making initial contact with those who don’t know you.)

Researchers have found that one of the most difficult things people have to do is to ultimately decide how to position or brand themselves in the marketplace.  Eventually, each person needs to position himself/herself against a professional goal that offers the best opportunity and challenge.

A positioning statement indicates your attributes, goals (always from the employer’s point of view) along with key subsets of experience, knowledge or skill areas supporting your goal. In most situations these related “key words” must be listed to ensure that when scanned, your résumé has a better chance of being retrieved from a recruiter’s database. (Companies search their files of scanned résumés the key words associated with an ideal candidate.)

Some examples might be:


                        Project Management | Multi-Site Operations    Strategy Formulation & Execution | Change Management                  Acquisitions & Integrations | Process Re-engineering  Market Expansion


       Start-ups & Turnarounds | Multi-site Operations                    Organizational Development | Process Improvement           Strategy Formulation & Execution | Sales & Marketing  Training & Development


Architecture & Infrastructure Design | E-Business  Disaster Recovery | Budget & Cost Control                ERP Design & Implementation  Global Operations


Account Management | Data Analysis | Quality Assurance    Client Relations | Revenue Growth | T & D                             Multi-national Operations |Bilingual: English & Spanish

Personal Marketing Statement

Your positioning statement must be followed by a “Personal Marketing Statement.”  Also known as a Benefits Statement, Elevator Speech, or a 30 Second Commercial, this statement needs to summarize for the reader the features, advantages, and benefits that are most marketable about you.  In approximately 30 seconds, anyone on the receiving end should know your goals and the highlights of what makes you appealing.  Your personal marketing statement is also particularly important because recruiters and employers now receive so many résumés.

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